2019 Fall harvest CSA

To Our Community:

For us, our trimmed CBD Hemp Flower, Artisanal CBD Smokes, and Full-Spectrum CBD Kief is the little piece of the change we want for ourselves, our loved ones, Vermont, and the world. It’s a commitment to moving away from the deception of Big Agriculture, processed foods, Big Pharmacy, and synthetic drugs. It represents our refusal to resign ourselves to the complexity of enormous problems by actively doing our part to implement simple solutions. 

We believe that the solutions lay in:

1. Enabling small local farms to grow hemp ethically and without compromise. Supporting a farmstead CSA or similar structured program (like ours) offers a livelihood to a small, local farm that has positive ripple effects across the environment and the local community even beyond our members.

2. Selling hemp products directly to the people who use it, creating community and person to person interactions so that people can truly understand where their CBD flower and oil comes from AND how it was produced.

3. Farming with whole systems that include both plant and animal production working symbiotically, enriching soils naturally.

We choose to offer a 'Community Supported Agriculture' program so customers can put a down payment of 20% towards their bill for bulk flower and full-spectrum CBD kief.

By joining our 2019 Fall Harvest CSA to reserve your organic, non-solvent based CBD products OR by waiting to purchase our products at harvest time (only while supplies last!), you are supporting these ideals and are participating in a local, Vermont, grassroots movement.

Welcome.  Thank you.


Our Founders

2018 Hemp Crop "Close Up"

2018 Hemp Crop "Close Up"

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Drop us a line for strain information! CSA deposits are 20% of total price.

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